I play guitar, write songs, take photographs and try my hand at different types of crafty goodness. And I'll post some of these things in this very blog...
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  • Thought I’d share this home recording of one of my new songs, which I’m going to be studio recording very soon! I’m so excited to be doing my first proper studio recordings at Wilder Studios in Bristol…I’ve done filming for recording sessions there before and feel happy to be going in as the musician this time! More to follow from the sessions x

    One of the most nerve wracking and amazing days of last year…I got to sing as my beautiful friend Sammy walked down the aisle in front of her friends and family, and I shared the whole day with these beauties.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been more nervous before singing, but it was completely worth it and I was so honoured to be asked…first ever wedding song done!

    Man talks to his 12 year old self…Just found this little gem of a video again and it’s just as entertaining watching it the second time round. What would you say?

    I headed to the Tate Modern this Sunday for a tea party for the Tate Movie kids (the project I’ve community managed for the last few years!). They have made amazing work and good friends on the website throughout the time the project has been running. We wanted to do one last special thing for them, and also let them stay in touch with each other if they’d like to so we planned a goodbye party for them.

    They sat together eating sweets and jam sandwiches, and swapped cards and letters they’d brought for each other (and us!). We watched the movies they made on the website and as usual, they drew, scribbled and created lovely things with all the pens, paper and crafts we brought for them. This is a bunch of kids destined for big things, believe me!

    We’ve had lots of lovely messages from the Tate kids thanking us for the Tate Movie Project. My favourite has to be this letter, which clearly states that I am more awesome than Happy Potter the musical, YES! You heard it here first. Click-the-pic to get a good look!

    The Tate Movie Project and its online community have now come to an end! I’ve managed the community for the last two and a half years and it has been such an amazing, funny and inspiring project to be involved in. The project originally started as a venture by Aardman and Tate to create an animated movie for and by children. The 28,000 children involved in the site made the ‘Itch of the Golden Nit’, which tells the story of a golden nit who needs to find his way back to the sun and a little boy called Beanie, who must help the nit in order to save the world. The story, ideas, drawings and scripts were all contributed by 28,000 children through the Tate Movie website, which I’ve been lucky enough to manage for the entire project,

    After the movie was released, the children created their own animated films using the tools on our website, and making up their own stories, drawing all their characters and then animating and editing everything themselves.

    The project has been brilliant from start to end, and we hope that there are lots of kids out there now inspired to draw, be creative and maybe even be an animator or artist when they grow up.

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